Passengers charter and tour operator

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of airlines around the world, we guarantee aircraft for the required contracts on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly), based on our deep experience of market trends, airline availability and pricing policy. we provide the right airline partner that guarantees reliability, service, safety standards and timely operations. We are able to satisfy the requirements for full, partial, seat assignment and ad hoc charter. We can maximize empty leg utilization and offer flexibility when the entire charter is not appropriate while supporting existing charters by handling sales to other tour operators. Consolidation flights are useful for developing new routes with minimal risk.

While we offer a wide range of charter and air trade services, our clients come from an equally wide range of companies and individuals. However, our solutions are tailor-made because every need, whether it comes from a new client or an existing one, is met with a tailor-made response that is exactly suited to the client's needs. We are determined to find the most suitable aircraft at the most competitive rates for any trip.